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Judith Parkes

What difference would it make
to live your dream?

  • uncovering your passion?
  • claiming your potential?
  • living a life you love?

What is the value of living your life dream?
I can help you create a life you love. 

Stand up for your life:
I acknowledge you for taking this step toward achieving your dreams in life.  As a coach, my own fulfillment comes from helping others live out their visions. As your life coach, I will bring effectiveness and satisfaction to your journey.  I will help you clarify your dreams, and set inspiring goals. You will achieve concrete results.

Achieve a Breakthrough Result - FREE:
What benefit could high performance and high quality have for your life?  I encourage you to contact me for your free discovery session.  You bring an issue in your life.  We'll address it together and you'll achieve a breakthrough result. With this introduction you'll discover the power of coaching. If you choose to move forward , then together we'll set out on the greatest adventure of your life: Creating the life you love.

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Tips to Build Your Home Page.
(Remove these tips before publicizing your website.)

Your website is about one thing - serving the client you seek to work with.  Every word and image must help your target client discover the solution you are offering and how it can help them solve their problem.  If anything on your site does not serve this goal, delete it.  If anything on your website can be improved, make it more precise, more targeted, and more effective. Create this homepage to make a powerful offer to your client.


  • Assume website visitors are skeptical. 
  • Make everthing on your website count.
  • A great page header line leads the visitor past their skepticism and into your content. 
  • Make the page header a provocative, targeted question or statement.
  • Use subheadings at the start of paragraphs or sections. 
  • Don't assume that visitors will READ your website
  • Do assume that visitors will SCAN your website. 
  • Organize your site so visitors can scan and easily locate the information that they want to read.